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Ladies, let's take a breath and relax. Most people spend their lives worried about granular details: but wives and mothers are called to be curators of peace, sources of love and places of comfort! So let's talk about that!
It is my hope that when you listen to this easy, conversational show, you are encouraged, inspired and motivated! 

My weekly podcast focuses on stories and encouragement that will leave you empowered in your role as the woman of the house. You are needed, wanted and valued.
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Here is a peek into some of my episodes!

Marriage & homemaking on a FAST TRACK with Madeleine Frost

"I married the family!" Sydnie Bonin's newlywed expectations!

Creating a Beautiful Home Life of Rest and Excitement for Your Family!

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From Episode:
Marriage and Homemaking on 
a Fast Track with Madeleine
From Episode:
"I married the Family" 
with Sydnie Bonin 

From Episode:
with Hannah Joy 
From Episode:
With Sons