ZYTO Voice Analysis

If you would like a remote scan to see which oils or supplements would serve you best today, let me know.
This is a simple and quick voice scan you can do from your smart phone! 

About the Scan.
The scan takes about 5 minutes to do then we will hop on a call and I'll show you how to read it. After I scan you the first time you will be able to scan yourself once every two weeks without me. :) But of course, I'm always happy to discuss your results with you. Voice technology that gives Information about a person such as a lie detector test dates back decades. Voice technology has simply become more advanced. I agree, it seems surreal that we have technology that can give so much Information. What amazing times we live it.

What is voice analysis?
Voice analysis technologies extract specific voice features (referred to as voice biomarkers) from audio samples. Specific voice features can be analyzed for important patterns and cues to provide insights about your health. Research shows that voice analysis may be used to predict, detect, and monitor a wide variety of health conditions.

How ZYTO Insights Analyzes Voice?
Similar to the EVOX, ZYTO Insights analyzes a person’s voice frequency as they speak about themselves. This voice analysis is combined with tactile responses to create your unique biometric signature. This signature, or Spark, is then scanned in relation to various wellness factors. Insights scan results may be focused on general health or a specific health challenge, depending on the topic you choose to speak about.

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 Once you do a scan you can scan yourself once every 2 weeks without me. Isn't that cool? 
I've personally been amazed at how spot on my report has been for myself.
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