Get your house in order from the inside out in 4 weeks!

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👉 All from a mom and wife who's been there with 11 kids and many grands to show for it!

Hello fellow wife, sweet friend!

I want you to know you’re not alone.
Adulting is hard.
Running a home is hard.

I know that nagging feeling that lives in the back of your mind. 

The dread that you’re dropping the ball with your family. It keeps you up at night. 

The subconscious recording of negative self talk plays in the background of your mind beating yourself up for not being enough.

You feel like you're not doing “it” right.

Friend,  God equips whom He calls. 
As the woman of your home, you have a high calling and HE WILL equip you.

There's need to tear yourself down for not being enough. God thinks you're pretty awesome! And he wants to use you, grow you, equip you and bless you!

While the master checklist for each family will look different, there are simple steps you can take in your home that will give you a sense of peace. 

Steps that will give you the sense that your feet are on solid ground. 

You do not have to flounder. 

I’m excited for everything God has in store for you! You have a bright future filled with fun memories and sweet moments in your home with your family.

I created The Happy Household to equip you with what you need to feel confident, centered, and at peace, so you can live a vibrant, happy life!

If you want...

  • to strengthen your family bonds
  • a tidy home that everyone helps keep clean
  • guidance & routines to support your wellbeing
  • to finally feel like you're thriving in your home

You're in the right place!

Here's what we'll cover in The Happy Household
First, we start with YOU! 

As you’ve heard the saying, “Put your oxygen mask on first.”  You must be well taken care of from the inside out before you can take good care of your family.
I bet you give so much and many times you put yourself last. This must be flipped. 

You will learn how to feed your soul. Feeding your inner self is key to being your best self. 

Your outward circumstances could “appear” perfect but if you are dying on the inside you won’t care about anything or be able to implement systems for your home in order to achieve a “happy household.”

So in week one, we focus on your inner person. 

In Week Two, you’ll get permission to pamper your body. 

Yes, please! 

We act the way we feel, too often, so it’s good to have practices that leave you feeling good about your earthsuit, your body, face, hair, skin, clothes… all of it!  

After we get you in the habit of taking care of YOU then we will begin to talk about your household systems.

In Week Three, we dive into preparing the house for your new systems. 

You would not move into a newly built home that had not been swept and mopped from all the sawing and painting...

nor should you try to implement systems with a house full of too many unnecessary things  which don’t bring you joy!

We talk about that and how to choose what stays.

We will take a tour to each room in your home and discuss what makes it beautiful, functional and brings you joy!

In Week Four, We design the life you want! 

The life you dreamed about as a little girl playing house.

We talk about how to create memorable moments.

Then we implement systems in those areas that are constantly moving like the dishes, laundry, the bathrooms and more.

From here, you are equipped to wake up every day with joy and a life that is charmed by simplicity and the ability to enjoy the blessings present in every moment. 

I am so excited to help guide you on this journey!

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