Meet the Girls Club! 

My desire is that you find friendship and grow in your faith through our Girls Club.  

It's a small commitment, that I believe will have a big return. 

Our first gathering will be Dec 7th, 7:30pm at my house  (Terri) after our weekly family dinner. Why is this piece of information important? Because family dinner is like Family Circus on steroids and who knows what my house will look like. But that's sort of the point. Good friends don't care and we are skipping straight to besties.. Feel free to load the dishwasher when you arrive. :P Kidding not kidding. 

I will cast the vision at our first gathering and you'll get to know the other girls. 

I can't wait!! 

Are you in? 

If so, press the REGISTER button at the bottom to let me know.

PS.. My friend Tammy Jurek, who also has a Girls Club, is hosting a little retreat the first weekend in Jan. She is giving us $10 off! Let's go!! Grab a ticket! $10 off tickets up til Nov 30. After this date the tickets will be $45. Promo code: RETREAT10. Registration link: (This is not the girls club link.. look further down for that link)