Organize Your Dishes

Organize your dishes

Welcome to my China closet, one of my favorite spaces in my home. 
This little space used to be a thorn in my flesh. I HATED IT!

It used to be my food pantry. The light absolutely will not go out due to a weird wiring issue, the unorganized boxes and bags of food in my pantry were always on public display.💀

The door is in an awkward place and is constantly open. 😨
It felt like a dirty closet opened for everyone in the house to look at all day. 😫

I decided to change everything about the space to make it a place we could love. 💕

I gathered out all my favorite mix matched China plates, tea cups and coffee cups that bring me joy and gave them a home in this space. Now the constant light and open door. Oh my goodness! 
Now I love this space!

Think outside the box 

I put the food where the plates and cups used to be.  

Such an easy switch and fantastic solution for this problem.
I love troubleshooting things like this.

Less is more

Donate each dish and cup that does not give you joy! You will enjoy being surrounded with beauty.

Also, Do you have a room in your house that drives you nuts that needs to be changed out? 

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