A Favorite Beauty Secret

A Favorite Beauty Secret
Dull skin, peach fuzz, chin hairs.. yup! 
No thank you! 

I found these little dermaplaning face razors to take care of all the above. 
I love the results!

Clean your face

Make sure you have no makeup on your face. Your face should be slightly moist with warm water while blading. Do not use foams, gels or creams while dermaplane. Because you are blading off dead skin and peach fuzz you will notice a softer complexion and your liquid make up will go on smoother. 

On the down side, peach fuzz hides acne scars and holds on face powder. But you can use liquid concealer in place of the the powder if you are trying to conceal scars. 

You will notice a beautiful glow on your face if you after you dermaplane.

It’s best to start from the top and work your way down. Use little strokes. Clean the surface of your derma plane tool as you go. work in a 3 x 3 area. Be sure to moisturize after your finished. Then apply make up.

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FAQ: Do you do this everyday? No, I personally only do it when I feel like my face needs a refresher about once every few weeks. I know some women do it more some less. It’s up to you.

Won’t this make you grow course facial hair like a beard? No! That’s a myth. If that was true everyone who wanted thicker hair on top of their head would shave it once a year. It will not cause more hair growth. It’s designed for women to use on the face for a fresher look.

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