Capturing Your Life in Photos

I adore having beautiful photos with the ones I love. In fact, I believe it's important to take bookoos of photos with my family because it's the photos that will trigger memories of our sweet life together later. However, finding the perfect outfits for those photo shoots can be a big pain. Anyone else feel that way? 

Well I recently discovered a website that rents a variety of brands. Yes, RENTS! That means you can rent and enjoy something that might be out of your budget to purchase. Or if you're like me and you also don't like having an overstuffed closet, clothes rental might be perfect for you, too. So now let's look at how to select photos for your photo shoot.(Get $20 off HERE)

  1. Choose a Mood: Take a moment to understand the mood you hope to capture. Are you going for a casual outdoor look, or a formal portrait? Playful or serious? Understanding the context will help you narrow down your options and create a cohesive look that complements the overall vibe of the photos.    

  2. Choose Flattering Colors: Wearing colors you feel beautiful in will play a crucial role in how you feel during the shoot. I recommend having your colors professionally done because there's a science to undertones, overtones, all the tones.  But if you don't have time for that, make sure you FEEL beautiful in what you choose. I opt for colors that will look good in our home in the case I choose to print a photo. 
  3. Dress for Your Body Type:  Of course, highlight your best features by choosing outfits that flatter your body type. If you're unsure, stick to universally flattering silhouettes like A-line dresses, tailored blazers, or well-fitted jeans. Avoid overly baggy or tight clothing, as they may distract from your natural beauty.
  4. Accessorize Wisely: Be careful not to over accessorize. You want your face to be the object not your necklace. Choose carefully. 
  5. Consider the Location:The setting of your photo shoot can influence your outfit choice. If you're shooting in a natural environment, such as a park or beach, opt for casual, breathable fabrics. For urban settings or formal portraits, more polished and structured clothing may be appropriate. Always consider the practical aspects of your location, such as temperature and terrain.
  6. Comfort is Key:No matter how stunning your outfit looks, if you're uncomfortable, it will show in your photos. As you can see in these photos, I decided to take off my shoes because they were not comfortable. Prioritize comfort when selecting your attire, especially if the shoot involves movement or various poses. Confidence is the key to a successful photoshoot, and feeling comfortable in your clothes will help you exude that confidence effortlessly.
Conclusion:Finding the right outfit for a photo shoot is a creative process that involves thoughtful consideration of various factors. By understanding the theme, choosing flattering colors, dressing for your body type, accessorizing wisely, considering the location, planning for wardrobe changes, and prioritizing comfort, you can ensure that your outfit enhances the visual impact of your photos. So, go ahead, strike a pose, and let your style shine in every frame.

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From Frustration to Fulfillment: Strengthening Your Marriage

We were in our early years of marriage. My husband finally had his first job as a dentist working for a big dental company about 45 minutes from our apartment. Excited to hear about his day over a hot meal prepared for 2, I checked the driveway every few minutes. But the dinner hour came and went. It was getting late..No matter how many times I checked the clock or peeked out the window,

Traditions and Rituals

We work through our ugly emotional messes with tears and words and hugs and a prayer. Those normal family mishaps might never get addressed if we didn't have Family Dinner in place. It’s certainly not perfect and I can’t claim everyone...

Candles versus Diffusers

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I hope this helps you!

Let's Keep Mama Happy

Let's Keep Mama Happy
These last few months have undoubtedly been stressful. We have been crossing through uncharted territories and experiencing unfamiliar situations. We need to be supporting our emotions through all of it, and we can do that with our essential oils! 

Let's Not Be Picky

Let's Not Be Picky


Ok, maybe not the best way to ask that question. Let me rephrase: are you the kind of person that, as soon as you feeling any little thing on your face, you pick at it to “help”.

Girls Night In!

Girls Night In!
Slowing down and taking a girls night in. I don’t know about you, but taking some time to intentionally stop and rest can sometimes be hard for me. That’s one of the reasons why I took off work for the entire month of August. Sure, sometimes doing something extreme like saying “no” to work for a month is totally needed for a normally busy mommy. But I’ve found that it’s even more so important to intentionally set aside time to rest among the crazy. I think that, in doing so, it not only instills a sense of peace but also a spirit of trust in my heart.

In a house of girls, we love to get together every now and then and just take a break to breathe. We usually have something fun, like chocolate of course. But tonight we did a little self care and clay masks.

 Obviously, we had to follow a couple of steps before getting to the final mask, and those steps were as follows. 

      1. Cleanse face using Orange Blossom Face Wash
      2. Scrub with Satin Mint face scrub!
      3. Treat with a drop of lavender, frankincense, and tea tree (for problem acne spots)
      4. Massage using your choice of lymphatic massage roller
      5. Mask using some good ole’ organic clay! For the clay mask, mix with water until it’s a good consistency then apply evenly all over your face. Let set until dry.
      6. Moisturize using your choice of YL moisturizer! Some favorites of mine include the Sandalwood Moisturizer—good for before bed since it is a bit heavier—or the Orange Blossom Moisturizer for a bit of a lighter feel.

We always have so much fun when we girls can just be together, chat, and find our breath. It’s so important to slow down, not just by yourself, but with your people around you as well. Doing so gives you the chance to actually absorb all that God is doing not only in your own life, but in the lives of those.

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