No one has time for sickness, but it happens occasionally. I've learned this interruption can serve as a time to create memories of tender-loving care as I nurture my children back to health. I do three specific things when sickness hits our family. 

I make sure the ailing one has soft comfortable blankets, a diffuser running next to the bed and plenty of liquids.
Then I get busy with my essential oils. I have a combination that I drop in the diffuser, rub onto the bottom of the sick one’s feet, and put in an epson salt bath. Let me detail this for you.

1. Soothing Warm Baths: A Splash of Comfort

Why a Warm Bath?

A warm bath feels like a soft, cozy blanket to an aching body. The more senses I can engage for the hurting one the better. The sound of water is soothing to the mind and the epson salts and essential oils work to relax the muscles and engage the immune system.

How to Prepare the Perfect Bath

I use clean, no fragrance, no essential oils added Epson salt. I’ve seen people get chemical burns from the “fake” essential oils added to epson salts sold at grocery stores. So make sure your Epson salt is PLAIN! 

1 cup plain Epson Salt ←Click
10 drops Thieves
10 drops Frankincense 
10 drops Lavender

The oils I choose help raise the frequency of the body so the body can do the work to heal. 

You can buy the single oils but the kits are the best deal. Use the code SHAREYL at check out to get 10% off your whole order.

2. Essential Oils for Recovery: Nature’s Touch

The Power of Essential Oils

I’ve been using essential oils with my family for 18 years! I don’t think I would know how to care for my kids without these powerful little bottles. If you are new to this world I am so excited for you! Your life is about to change for the better! If you click the link above to grab your oils, I’ll send you some educational emails about the different ways to use them.

Which Oils to Use?

  • Thieves: Known for its immune-boosting properties, this blend can purify the air and promote healthier indoor breathing.
  • Peppermint: Great for relieving nausea and headaches. It’s cooling and refreshing.
  • Laurel Nobilis, Oregano, or Thyme: These oils have antimicrobial properties that can support the immune system and combat pathogens.
  • Digize if the sickness involves a tummy ache.
I massage these oils onto my child’s feet a few times a day when one of my kids is sick. If it's a tummy bug, I use Digize on the bottom of the feet, and in the diffuser. I also will drop the oils in the belly  button. Digize helps calm an upset GI system. 

You must know that I only trust this one brand of oils. Essential oils are extrememly concetrated which means they will either be super helful or super harmful. The essentail oils industry is not a regulated industry therefore you'll see cheap bottles sold everywhere. It takes acres and acres to make just a little bit of true, authentic, therapuitic essential oils. A cheap oils is a fake. Be careful.  Learn about Seed to Seal HERE

3. Nutritional Support with Ningxia Red

Why Ningxia Red?

My children rarely eat when sick, therefore I'm extra thankful for Ningxia Red. It's a juice blend packed with superfoods, and essential oils that ensure they receive vital nutrients without the need for heavy meals.
This supplement is a secret weapon every mom should know about. I recorded a podcast episode on this one! 

How Often and How Much?

Hydration is super important especially when someone is running a fever. If the sickness comes with vomiting, I give approximately 1 ounce of water or Ningxia each hour until they can hold down more liquid. Ningxia is packed with antioxidants from wolfberries, and so many vitamins and minerals. It also soothes an upset stomach. :Listen to the podcast on Ningxia!

Making Sick Days Special

I don't love sick days, but I do love the opportunity to give extra care to a child. These sick days are the perfect time to provide this extra TLC. By turning routine care into special rituals, we moms can create comforting memories and a sense of security for our quickly growing children. These tender moments can help heal the body and nurture the soul.

Remember, every child is different, and it’s important to adapt these suggestions to what best suits your child’s needs and any medical guidelines provided by your healthcare provider. 

I pray health and wellness for your family. If life throws a sick day at you, I hope you’ll use it as an opportunity for gentle healing and memorable bonding.

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