Citrus - Minty Metabolism Tincture

Citrus - Minty Metabolism Tincture

Following is a cheat sheet to keeping your metabolism in tip top shape, so you can have the energy you need to chase kids, and do all those actives you enjoy! I’m not a super fan of “weight loss” drinks or diets, because health MUST be a lifestyle, it can NEVER come in a the form of a quick fix! So while I have a “weight loss tincture” recipe here for you, please understand that health is a lifestyle!  

Here are my tips:

1) Get on a regular sleeping and waking routine! it’s ideal to get to bed by 10pm!
2) Don’t eat sugar on a daily basis! Sugar slows a metabolism.
2 )Eat for energy! Eat Whole Foods such as foods with one ingredient like: meat, vegetables, fruit, grain. 
3) Avoid packaged processed foods and chemicals. 
4) Add this metabolism supporting tincture to your routine! I chose the following oils to go in my tincture because the plant properties are amazing and support a healthy metabolism. For instance: black pepper supports healthy adrenal glands and slows the accumulation of fat. Lemon supports healthy digestion and a clean system. Peppermint tells the hypothalamus that your stomach is satisfied.  Cinnamon supports healthy blood sugar. MCT oil releases peptide and leptin that make your cells feel full. 

  • You can buy the 15ml tincture lids here.. Tincture Bottles and lids (affiliate link)
  • 20 drops black pepper essential oil 
  • 20 drops lemon essential oil
  • 20 drops cinnamon essential oil
  • 20 drops peppermint
  • MCT Oil (affiliate link) Fill the rest of the 15 ml bottle up with MCT oil.
  • Take a few times daily or with meals.

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