Death by Pollen
Ok, so it’s no joke that this pesky yellow dust that has decided to grace our lives is more like the plague than anything. I get it. It’s spring and we’re going to get flowers and green trees out of this, but I mean COME ON. The stuff is everywhere and while I wish my life right now were more along the lines of “Death by Chocolate”, let’s be real, it’s more like death by pollen.

Now, today I am not going to talk about different ways certain nutritional changes could affect the way our bodies react to certain things. That is another post for another time. Today, I want to reach those people in the midst of their wellness journey that find themselves traveling down the road only to be assaulted by the pollen-palooza of the year. Stuffy sinuses, runny noses, and swollen eyes all make an appearance in the pollen-parade. Sucker Punch? Maybe.

Hang in there, Soldier. There’s an oil for that.  If you need new artillery for battle, Young Living has got you COVERED. Let’s talk about some of my favorite fortifying weapons, LLP.

When in doubt, just remember LLP:  Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint.  

  • Lavender: lavender is my favorite first weapon of choice. As soon as my kids start showing puffy eyes or runny noses, we take a drop of lavender vitality internally. It also works well to apply lavender topically by either swiping a drop into (or under) your nose as well as putting a drop on the inside of your cheek. This oil is DEFINITELY one you want this season.
  • Lemon: lemon is great for topical use if you are one more prone to skin irritation this season. Just remember it’s photosensitive and dilute if needed!
  • Peppermint: there are so many things to say about peppermint. Peppermint purifies and invigorates. It’s great to diffuse—I actually have lavender, lemon, and peppermint diffusing right now—and does well to filtrate all the nasty things that could be circulating in your home right now.

It’s no joke these oils by themselves are the kind of butt-kicking, karate-chopping, jedi-ninjas you want on your team for combat. HOWEVER, the reason why they are presented here as a group is, when used together, they are like The Three Amigos taking care of business. Take three drops of each internally every day this season to help better support your respiratory system in its fight to ward off those icky pollutants.

Finally friends, I do want to clear: a wellness journey is NOT about quick fixes. It’s a lifestyle, and no singular change you make will suddenly rid you of ever feeling bad again. My prayer is that you would see the value and the freedom that comes with living a toxin free life. God did not create this world with toxins in it. Before man fell, we had a perfect relationship with God, people, and this physical world. After the fall, the earth became polluted and our right relationship not only to God but to the physical world was broken. So while you’re fighting navigating itchy eyes and runny noses this season, think about how they point to the fact that we need a savior. Something is not right with this world, and even our bodies BEG for that relationship to be mended. So, seek the Lord, diffuse some oils, and wait expectantly for the day that relationship is restored to its fullest glory. 

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