I've had my beautiful Aria for well over a decade! And it literally brings me joy every single day! It's beautiful to watch and it has a strong diffusing pump. 

Over the last 12 or so years, I have only had to replace the ultrasonic mist maker twice. When I replace it, the diffuser begins to pump like it's brand new! If you have an an Aria and it's not diffusing big puffs, simply change the ultra sonic mist maker disc.
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Simple Maintenance for Longevity

How to Keep Your Diffuser Pumping Like New

Once you have the new disc, remove the old one from the center of your diffuser. Keep the ring that holds the disc in place. Discard the old disc. Replace it with the new one. Secure the new disc in place with the metal ring.

Now use and enjoy your diffuser like you always have!

Essential Cleaning Tips

Keeping Your Diffuser Clean for Optimal Performance

It's important to clean the inside of your diffuser with a toothbrush or a diffuser brush occasionally. Keeping it clean will help extend the life of your disc.
I clean mine with the Thieves hand foaming soapbecause it's gentle and effective on stains. I use this brush to get the details cleaned.

Be careful not to get water into the motor. If you get water in the motor, there's no hope for the diffuser as far as I know.

Water Quality and Maintenance

Why Distilled or Purified Water is Best for Your Diffuser

If you keep your diffuser clean, use low mineral water like distilled or purified, and change the disc out about every 5 years, your diffuser should last you a very long time!

My Favorite Diffuser Recipes

Top Diffuser Blends for Mood Lifting and Room Brightening

Now, let's talk favorite diffuser recipes. I LOVE the blend Joy combined with a few drops of lemon, This combo gives a nice citrus/floral aroma. Luscious Lemon, and Inner Child are also fantastic! 

Sometimes I diffuse straight lemon and thoroughly love what it does for a room!

But my all-time favorite most-used combination is Bergamot and lemon combined. It lifts the mood and brightens a room! It has such a beautiful aroma!!

See oils HERE

Share Your Favorites

What Are Your Go-To Diffuser Blends? Share in the Comments!

What's your favorite diffuser blend? Share in the comments below!

Get the Best Deal on a new Aria!

The Aria is such a great gift! If you buy it alone, you'll pay $260! 

If you buy the Aria kit with 10 oils, you get it for $212!! 

Why the difference? 

Young Living discounts the starter bundles and kits because you will not have a good experience with your Aria if you don't have the best oils to go with it! Actual aromatherapy changes the atmosphere. It can cheer up a room, help a room calm down etc. The Aria needs the oils so they make it easy to get the oils you need to get started wtih your new favorite diffuser! 

If you end up using the above link, I'll send you the brush and a bottle of Thieves hand foaming soap so that you'll be totally equipped to keep your Aria in good shape. Please let me know that you used the above link or I won't know. :) I have links everywhere! :P

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