Usually, at around 8 pm, we start dimming the lights in our house and turning off any electronics. We take our dog for a quick walk and then settle in for the night. We spend some time talking about our day or whatever comes to mind, and then we turn on our audiobook.

One thing we've learned is that we can't listen to anything too intense. Thriller or horror audiobooks may be great during the day, but they don't exactly promote a peaceful night's sleep. Instead, we opt for something light-hearted or inspirational.

After about 30 minutes of listening, we usually start to drift off. That's when we apply Lavender oil to our wrists and temples. The scent fills the room, and we're both asleep in no time.

And that's it! That's our nighttime routine. It may not be groundbreaking, but it's something that works for us. It helps us establish boundaries between the day and night and prepares us for a restful night's sleep.

A few weeks ago in the Something I'm Loving portion of Episode 6 on my podcast, I talked about how I'm LOVING the nighttime routine of listening to an audio book with my husband as we drift off to sleep. Sometimes we have to backtrack because we miss the last half hour, but we sure enjoy sharing stories this way.

Do you have a nighttime routine you enjoy with your husband?

Troy’s last 10 nighttime audibles:

  • Love Does by Bob Goff
  • Everybody Always by Bob Goff 
  • Habits of the Household by Justin Earley  
  • Heaven by Randy Alcorn
  • The Quest by Rick Joyner
  • The Vision by Rick Joyner
  • The 7 Habits of highly effective people by Sean Covey
  • On Guard by William Craig
  • Through the Gates of Splendor by Elizabeth Elliot

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