Easy, Breezy, Beautiful… Marriage?
Sometimes the key to a great marriage is not in the big, grand things you or your spouse do for each other. It’s in the little choices that you make over time. Those little choices accumulate and as you grow together, you are able to look back and see how those little decisions faithfully guided your marriage to the foot of the cross.

One of the biggest, little decisions you could make for your marriage is to just be easy going. I think so many of us are cheated out of the joys of life, marriage, and family simply because we are insistent on having our own way. 

Here’s an example: 
Say for instance I am out to lunch with my entire family, and my husband stands in a really long line and gets me a ham sandwich. The thing is, I really wanted a turkey sandwich. I have one of two options in this moment. Option A: I can accept the act of love my husband just did for me by standing in line so I didn’t have to and providing me food to enjoy with my family. Or option B: I can throw a hissy fit and go huffing and puffing and say, “I’ll just stand in line myself to get the sandwich I want.” So I go and I stand in that line to get things done the way I want them done. 

You might not think there is anything wrong with option B. Say you could do all of it without throwing a hissy fit and huffing and puffing. What you don’t realize is, if you choose option B, you have just cheated not just yourself, but everyone at the table out of joy. 

When you decide that your “taste buds” are more important than time with your spouse and your family, you’ve just cheated. You’ve robbed yourself out of experiencing laughter and fun with the people you love, and you’ve robbed everyone else out of getting to experience that with you.
Option A doesn’t rob, it promotes relationships. And it is so much more satisfying than if you were to insist on your momentary satisfaction. 
It’s such a small decision. But these are the kinds of small decisions that we make everyday that ultimately either lead us into intimacy with our spouse or lead us away from our them. So today you get to choose. Ham or turkey? 

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