DIY Body Butter Recipe

DIY Body Butter Recipe

Are you tired of using store-bought lotions that leave your skin feeling oily and greasy? Have you considered making your own body butter? Not only is it a fun and easy project, but it also allows you to....

Stopped up Nose Tissue Hack

Stopped up Nose Tissue Hack
Do you ever need a little help clearing the flood gates that stop up your nose and hearing?

Here’s a fun hack. Drop R. C., Eucalyptus or Raven on the tissues before you blow! 
It wakes up the whole face! 
Happy Blowing!


For more support make a chest rub with the same essential oil. The chest rub will consist of a carrier such as organic coconut oil plus the powerful Young Living essential oil! That’s it! It’s that simple! 

You will LOVE IT! 

Not sure how to order at the best price? Click this link to buy! Once you get your oils, Young Living will send me an email and I’ll contact you to follow up! You’ve got this! 

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Roller Bottle Party Necessities!

Roller Bottle Party Necessities!

If you are going to host one and you are on my team, we can talk about scanning your peeps with the Zyto hand cradle while they are at your house. This would be a remote scan and would need to be planned a month in advance. 

Below are recipes and links to you can host and AWESOME Roller Bottle Party! Don't forget to post pictures of your party in this thread! We want to see everyone's creativity! Plus we will be doing drawings from the photos! 

Look at the diffuser recipes and double the drops per oil for the roller bottles. Fill with V6 or fractionated coconut oil!
βœ…First Invite your friends! Save the invitation and text to your people. Be sure to add your date and time! 
βœ…Here is a link to buy amber bottles for your party!
βœ…Here is the link to buy BEAUTIFUL clear roller bottles with CRYSTALS!! MY FAVE!😍
βœ…Here is a link for clear bottles! These are beautiful when crystals are added and when blue oils are used!
βœ…Order cute labels here!
βœ…Here is a link to see the price per drop so you can decide what you want to charge! 

Roller Recipes



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Toxic Free Soft Scrub

Toxic Free Soft Scrub
Sometimes you’ve just gotta attack the grout and shower scum! 

Don’t comprise your health by purchasing a toxic cleaner when you can make your own.
play with the amounts! 

You need:
  • Baking Soda (1 part)
  • Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap (1/2 part of more)
  • Thieves Essential oil (about 10 drops give or take according to the size of your batch)
  • A splash of water if needed.
Mix together until it’s pasty. 
Buy a sturdy grout brush and get to work! 
Enjoy the amazing results! 
Happy Cleaning!

I learned this amazing recipe from my Insta friend Leslie BurrisπŸ’•

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