Cakes by Hannah Joy

Sometimes you just need cake!” 
Cakes by Hannah Joy Bonin

We were never a cake family. Enter Hannah Joy. She changed everything for this family (in the cake department.) How on earth did we live without her for so many years? I have no idea! 

Look at this delectable piece of art! Pair a piece with a piping cup of black coffee and be transported to the realm where sugar plum fairies and unicorns live. 

Seriously. Hannah Joy has been a Bonin almost five years now and she’s just now whipping out this secret talent of hers. I’m not sure if I’m elated or mad. JK.. #notmad#sohappy

Here’s another amazing fact about this girl. She’s smart! One would assume a cake like this would be made from scratch. Not so. Hannah Joy’s favorite icing comes in a jar but has no yuck and is vegan friendly. She found a cake mix at Whole Foods that meets her standard, too. 

Hannah Joy’s cake’s are not only beautiful but they also have a few health benefits.  The beautiful pink tint in this icing comes from dried beets!  So that means this is a vegetable, right? I’m going with, yes. She used another high quality cake mix for this one, too. 

This one was so rich and delicious I ate way too much! To this cake mix she added organic activated charcoal, expresso and coffee beans. Slay me with deliciousness! Look up the benefits of activated charcoal and consider this cake part of your health regimen. #jokingnotjoking 

This birthday cake is also a vegan, gluten free, dark chocolate, charcoal filled cake and it happened to be the best thing I’ve ever eaten! 

Not only does Hannah Joy can bake and decorate like a pro but she loves to spend time with her little sister in loves. On my little’s birthdays she came over with a giant bag of goodies so the girls could experience cake decorating and fall in love just like her.  

Notice the homemade kitties!  

Peek inside Hannah Joy’s life on Instagram @mrsjoybonin (We love you, Hannah Joy!)

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