So you need hormone support!

Young people feel GREAT because they have an abundance of hormones. As we age and are exposed to toxins and endocrine disruptors, our hormones drop and get wacky making us feel yucky. Low hormones can also result in headaches, acne, weight gain and so much more. I ALWAYS start my customers out with ditching toxins, because it does not make sense to me to keep assaulting the body with toxins while trying to balance with oils and supplements. It's like hammering an injured thumb every morning while replacing the band-aid in the injured thumb daily. It does not make sense.

I like to know WHY certain products are recommended so read to the end for that...
Month one: The objective is to get the endocrine disruptors out of the equation and to start supporting your feel-good hormones.
+ Thieves Laundry Detergent #5349 Dilute it to double, costs .23c per load.
+ FemiGen Capsules 60 ct Item #3206 Hormone balancer that will change your life! Take as directed 
+ SclarEssence Essential Oil Blend 15ml Item #3418 Rub on ankles (most people do before bed)
+ Progessence Plus Serum 15 ml Item #4640 Rub on ankles (most people do before bed) This also smells like perfume to me, so sometimes I’ll wear it during the day. You can put it on your wrists, neck, chest, wherever.
 + Dragon Time Bath & Shower Gel 8 oz Item #3739

 Use during showers
+Thieves Household Cleaner item #3743 (This will replace every cleaner in your house that is disrupting your hormones.)
Month two: Hormones cannot stay balanced in the presence of a vitamin deficiency!
+ Master Formula (multivitamin that Dr. Purser designed to support hormones)
+ Progessence Plus (Bio-identical progesterone)
+ Super B (if your body is not absorbing B's you'll be tired. This is methylating B)
+ Clary Sage (Supports healthy estrogen)

Month three: You should feel a difference by now if you have adhered to the above.
+Feminegen Capsules
+anything that needs a refill
+ Ningxia (total body support)
Please feel free to ask me any questions. I'm not a doctor, I simply have a lot of experience with wacky hormones. :P

Putting your products on subscription will get you the best deal! :) I'm happy to walk you through the process. Please keep me posted on your hormones journey!


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