Dryer Maintenance and Dryer Sheets!

Dryer Nightmare

It is a down right disaster when our dryer goes out. Unfortunately I know this from first hand experience and it is something I hope NOT to experience again. For too many weeks in a row, my kids and I washed clothes and hauled the heavy wet garments to the laundry mat to dry.

The Harrowing Experience caused by Dryer Lint

It was a strength building activity that stretched our fruits of the spirit in more ways than we cared to be stretched. During this time my kids made unique friends and memorable experiences at the laundromat that still cause me night sweats.

The Hidden Dangers of Lint Build-up

When the repairman finally made it to our home, he took our dryer completely apart to find gallons and gallons of lint living in between the drum and the dryer. Since lint is flammable, the whole system could have burst into flames at any given moment, so it was a huge blessing in disguise that the giant unit gave out.  

 The Key to Longevity: Preventing Lint Build-up

After this experience I take special care not only to clean the lint screen, but also to dig deep with a special tool to keep the lint from growing under the drum. Keeping the lint out of the dryer is SO IMPORTANT not only for the life of your dryer, but also for the life of your family. 

Say No to Toxic Dryer Sheets and Extend the Life of Your Dryer

Dryer sheets leave a film on your lint screen that blocks circulation and makes your dryer use more energy. They also have a toxic ingredient that sticks to your clothes then rubs into your skin when you wear those clothes or lay on those sheets. This ingredient destroys your natural hormone flow and causes skin issues, emotional issues and general health problems. Ditching toxic dryer sheets will save you money, and extend the life of your dryer. 

Nurturing Your Dryer: DIY Cleaning Solutions

Instead of using toxic dryer sheet that will compromise your family's health adn break your dryer, put several drops of your favorite Young Living essential oil on a diaper wipe or wash cloth! Toss it in near the end of the drying cycle and your clothes will smell amazing and your health wont be compromised.


How to Clean Dryer Lint Out

What you don’t know about dryer lint could hurt you. Keep your lint screen clean before a fire breaks out.  Use dish soap, hot water and a soft towel or tooth brush. Add a bit of baking soda if water does not run through the little holes on the screen.

Dryer maintenance is a chore we need to do not only for our dyers, but also for our families. Do you have any dryer maintenance secrets?


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