Young people feel GREAT because they have an abundance of hormones. It's the abundance of hormones that supplies their abundant energy! 

As we age and are exposed to toxins and endocrine disruptors, our hormones drop and get wacky making us feel yucky. 

Low hormones can also result in headaches, acne, weight gain, low energy and sickness. Not a list any of us want to relate to, but it was my list at one point in my life! The main positive result that came out of my suffering is the education and experience I now use to help other people! I wouldn't want to go to that dark place again, but I'm thankful for where it led me.

Now let's talk about you! I know you want more energy, cleared skin and clarity of mind. There is hope! I'm glad you're here! Be encouraged! Do the following 3 month protocol and you will feel a huge change! If you prefer a personal scan, then click this link and we can schedule one for you. Click here to schedule a scan.

But if you prefer to jump right in there is a system to brining your body into balance. First I ALWAYS start my customers out with ditching toxins, because it does't make sense to me to keep assaulting the body with toxins while trying to balance with oils and supplements. It's like hammering an injured thumb every morning while replacing the band-aid in the injured thumb daily.  So month one you'll ditch the toxins. Month two we will address vitamin deficiencies and month three you will really be feeling the difference in your energy and hormones! 

Month One: Detoxify and Support: click me

To pave the way for hormonal balance, it's crucial to eliminate endocrine disruptors and provide support for your feel-good hormones. Here's your protocol for the first month:
  • Thieves Laundry Detergent #5349:
    • Dilute for double usage, costing only $0.23 per load.
  • FemiGen Capsules 60 ct Item #3206:
    • A life-changing hormone balancer; take as directed.
  • SclarEssence Essential Oil Blend 15ml Item #3418:
    • Apply to ankles, preferably before bedtime.
  • Progessence Plus Serum 15 ml Item #4640:
    • Apply to ankles before bed or as a daytime perfume alternative.
  • Dragon Time Bath & Shower Gel 8 oz Item #3739:
    • Use during showers for a refreshing hormone-supportive experience.
  • Thieves Household Cleaner item #3743:
    • Replace all household cleaners disrupting hormones.

Month Two: Address Vitamin Deficiencies: click me

Balancing hormones requires addressing vitamin deficiencies. Besides taking supplements, it's imperitive that you eat nutrient rich food. Unprocessed, clean foods. If you are confused about this, message me and I'll send you a list. 
  • Master Formula:
    • A Dr. Purser-designed multivitamin supporting hormone balance or...
  • Organ Complex by PaleoValley:
    • Boost your body with organ-based nutrients.
  • Progessence Plus (Bio-identical progesterone):
    • Essential for hormonal well-being.
  • Super B:
    • Methylating B vitamins to combat fatigue.
  • Clary Sage:
    • Supports healthy estrogen levels.

Month Three: Feel the Difference: click me

By the third month, the goal is for you to feel a noticeable difference. This is a great month to do the 14 Day Reset with hundreds of other people who are on the same journey! Click this link to check it out! Maintain your routine and consider the following additions:
  • Feminegen Capsules:
    • Continue supporting hormonal balance.
  • Ningxia:
    • Total body support for holistic well-being.


While I'm not a doctor, my experience with wacky hormones has led me to share this protocol. For the best deals, consider subscribing to these products. I'm here to assist you, so feel free to ask any questions. Once you make a purchase you'll be invited into my private facebook group where you will receive daily education and community support! I'm excited for you! Let's do this! 

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